January 15, 2022

A Guide to GAMSAT Preparation Courses

The Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is designed to assess the student’s ability in understanding and analyzing the material, both written and graphically presented. It tests the knowledge and skills that has been gathered over the years alongside the ability of the student to reason as well as their ability to form judgment and make deductions from different situations. For this reason, the students need to carry out GAMSAT preparation courses in order to ensure that they are ready for the test. This is important because the last minute rush in studying and cramming will not be sufficient for them to take the test.

• Start Early
The students are advised to start their GAMSAT preparation course early so that they gather all the materials required and at the same time avoid the nervousness that comes with lack of preparation. Fortunately for them, there are quite a number of materials they can use in their studies. They will encounter variety of sample questions and practice tests that will help them have an idea of how the test is going to be. It is recommended that when carrying out these prep tests, they should try to do it under the same conditions and timing as the real test so that they can have a feel of how it is and be in a better position to adjust their timing and speed as necessary.

• Self Analyze
To ensure that they are on the right track, the students are asked to carry out a self analysis, once they have finished the GAMSAT preparation course tests. This will provide them with the indication of their strengths and weaknesses and be a further guide on how they can prepare themselves better. The best thing about these tests is that the student will encounter different selections and they will be able to assess themselves. All of them come with answers to all questions as well as solutions to some of them.

• Use right strategies
While taking the test, it is important that the students keep in mind the various types of strategies that can help them finish the paper on time. In order to manage time, they are advised not to spend a lot of tome on a single question; instead they should mark the questions they find hard to answer or they are not certain of, and continue with the rest. Since all the questions have the same value, it is recommended that they answer as many as possible in order to increase the chances of getting the highest marks. They should also remember that there are no marks deducted for giving wrong answers. The other important thing is that they should train themselves to write clearly and carefully since the scoring of section I and II of the paper is carried out by a machine. They should fill the oval as required and in case they change their answers, they should ensure that the previous mark is completely erased.

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