January 16, 2022

Good Morning: The Simple Step that Will Change Your Life

The personal Challenge of starting each day with a cheerful good morning is something we should all take seriously. It is easy to pass up, because it seems so simple. Often we think dramatic change must require dramatic effort. Not so. This simple step can change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Let’s start with the basic scientific principle like attracts like. Let me share this with you in a few different perspectives.

Have you noticed that people who complain about bills and debt – seem to become more in debt?

Have you noticed that people who complain and are negative – tend to have more negative things happen to them than their non-complaining counterparts?

Have you ever noticed that people who have seemingly boundless energy and optimism have something new and wonderful to report almost every time you visit?

Have you noticed that those people who frequently complain or degrade themselves about their weight – tend to fail in weight loss endeavors?

Are you detecting a trend? Good. Let’s transfer this trend to Good Morning . Beautiful good morning sunday images

I want you to stop for a moment and visualize the month of June. How did your mornings start? What was happening during the first hour after you awoke?

Now, I am not psychic, but I am going to go out on a limb and make a few predictions:

If you began most of your days thinking negatively (life is too stressful; I am overwhelmed; I have too much to do) I would predict that your June has been stressful, you feel overwhelmed and you haven’t gotten much done.

If you began most of your days thinking very positively (something great will happen today; I like myself; I am so grateful that I have food and/or shelter and/or health) I would predict that your days, for the most-part, were content and fulfilling and you had unexpected moments of joy.

If you began your days somewhere in the middle of the two examples above (or just on autopilot) I would venture to say that your June probably looked a lot like May did– with no significant change.

Which brings us to another one of my favorite quotes: “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” Most of you who come to the Challenge have come here because we know we deserve more and we know we can have a richer, fuller life–we just need a path to follow.

I am giving you that path, Beautiful morning images but only you can move your feet forward. You can’t find a better way by reading about the Challenge – you can only find a better way by living the Challenge.

If you aren’t saying Good Morning – then here’s the rub – you aren’t living the challenge. This is one of the foundation blocks of the entire program. The program will still work – but not nearly as good as it could. You can take control of clutter, save your finances and accomplish many other goals – but will you feel that happiness and excitement we all yearn for in our lives? No. At least not on a consistent basis. Happiness is always a choice.

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