November 27, 2021

Government Jobs You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

In this recession, many are looking for an employment. Even if you are employed right now, you may still want a stable and well-paid job. Where are secure jobs with good compensations? They are in the public sector. Uksssc These jobs are government jobs or jobs in universities. Many are protected by unions, with guaranteed benefits and pension plans.

Where can you find these good jobs? You rarely find government jobs on or – Don’t ask me why. I have several resources for you. is a pioneer in the online recruiting space with over 5,000 participating government agencies. The website is the only government sector job board created from the world’s foremost fully integrated recruitment, selection and applicant tracking system called NEOGOV Insight, designed specifically for public sector employers.

Compared to, is more comprehensive; it’s a list of all public job websites, from local governments to universities. However, it doesn’t list individual jobs; it provides links to local human resources websites. For example, to read all public jobs in California, you have to go through all 100 websites of California’s county and state agencies. You may not have patience or time to do that on a regular basis. lists only jobs that have salary information. Most jobs on are public jobs in universities and governments, with some in the private sector. links directly to job postings. It also makes your job-hunting life easier and fun; you can browse jobs by categories, or location, or agencies. You can rate a job from Poor to Excellent; you can save a job as your favorite; you can even comment a job.

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