October 23, 2021

What are the most valued taxi ‘apps’?

It has never been so simple to order a taxi, dinner or send a package, as it is today. A path that began almost five years ago when the first taxi applications arrived and to which delivery ones have now joined. In the middle of the race to conquer the user, they have made it clear that they are here to stay.

For this reason, the consulting firm Arellano decided to include taxi and delivery applications for the first time in this year’s Brand Report.

According to the report, Uber and Beat are the two taxi brands per application that the consumer has in the ‘top of mind’ (the most remembered), an order that is repeated in the preference of use. In spontaneous mentions, on the other hand, Easy Taxi slightly outperforms Beat.

For what is this? For Alejandro Dubreuil, general manager at Beat Peru, the focus that the company has placed on Lima has contributed to the positioning they have achieved. He also points out that Beat’s strategy, which entered the country in it, focuses on economic rates and efficiency. Click here for taxibedrijf eindhoven


“Uber is now the most used‘ app ’and together with Beat they are the cheapest brands among all platforms,” ​​says Hugo Ante, Arellano’s consultant.

Easy Taxi (acquired by Cabify), which also entered the market and initially led the market, ranks third in preference and use. Christophe Robilliard, Easy’s country manager, says that a couple of years ago the brand made the strategic decision not to pursue volume but rather to find its group of frequent users, who prioritize security beyond just price.


“We are not the most used ‘app’ by volume, but our users are more recurrent,” he asserts. For the executive, the two competitors that lead the market have a massive strategy of overinvestment in brand exposure and promotions.

Interestingly, Uber and Beat are brands that suffered reputational crises last year due to allegations of theft and sexual assault by drivers.

The response to this was not the best; however, “even if a crisis is not well managed (as happened to Uber), a good subsequent management becomes an opportunity. It is a business with many contingencies ”, explains Rolando Arellano, general manager of the consultancy.

The pending challenge for the sector is precisely to reduce contingencies and conquer the interior of the country where Uber and Easy Taxi are leading the way.

As part of the global acquisition and the synergies between the two, Cabify has just entered the regions where Easy Taxi operates, such as Arequipa, Cusco, Piura and Trujillo. Will they go to more provinces?

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